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Decorative and Stamped Concrete

More and more homeowners deciding to go with concrete as a good option to classic brick pavers for its decorative and creative options.  

It is always a a great idea to add a decorative element to dull grey concrete.   It is a exciting trend that we see and are thrilled to be in the middle of it.  Many Clifton Park business owners have been quick to realize truly unique methods to add color and textures to their concrete jobs. 

Textured concrete designs and creations are very useful on concrete driveways, patios, pool decking, walkways, walls, furniture and even inside on your countertops or around the fireplace.  There are a multitude applications such as: stenciling interior and exterior flooring, colored options, acid-stained, polished concrete and overlays, engraving, resurfacing, slightly exposing aggregate including stone, concrete, countertop finishes and many other decorative designs and patterns.

Concrete is more affordable and with the ability to transform it into something elegant has made it an excellent choice for many homeowners seeking to turning their outdoor living space into a peaceful sanctuary.  Stamping concrete is very versatile, durable and cost effective that it is difficult not to consider using it.

Capital Land Companies is committed to providing only the best quality workmanship and accurately conveying to you all angles of what a project will entail as well as what to expect throughout the process of starting to completing your project.

So you wish to start a project on your driveway, patio, walkways, concrete staining or other areas of your backyard, we invite you to consider contacting us today and schedule your complimentary home assessment.

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Our professional team has collectively over two decades of combined experience in the concrete industry.

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Any design can be realized with your imagination.  Bringing your dreams to life.


Our focus is to always put our customers first and exceed their expectations. 

Stamped Concrete Driveways

Let’s not forget about your driveway. After all, when a friend drives up, that is the first thing they see.  Just like your green landscaping, the driveway tells a lot about you.   A few people prefer asphalt, brick pavers, gravel or stone, but it is our feeling that a decorative concrete driveway is the aesthetically-pleasing option.  Now, we know that brick pavers also look outstanding but they are known to crack or chip if not routinely serviced.

Gravel driveways are more popular in rural settings but when you get into the suburbs or cities, curb appeal usually would come at a high price but with concrete, your driveway with experience excellent curb appeal at a fraction of the cost of other materials like brick pavers.


A concrete driveway will give you the ability to dream up unique patterns, textures and colors that can mimic other well-known stones and brick products like brick pavers but done from a cost-effective standpoint.  You will save a lot of your hard-earned money when you choose to go this direction.  The cost-savings alone are worth the consideration, not to mention about the high end colors and patterns you can create.   And, remember, you will increase the value of your home and enhance its curb appeal.  

Something else to consider: the durability and strength of concrete can be 30 times greater than other solutions.  And, don’t forget about easy maintenance!  There is not much else to do than spray it down with a garden hose!

Give your driveway a face lift with a unique concrete design today!   Reach out to us with all your questions and schedule your no-obligation assessment today!


Stamped Concrete Patios

Concrete patios are an ideal way to enhance your living space so you can spend more time taking in the outstanding weather here in Clifton Park.  

Capital Land Companies provides you with a multitude of decorative options when it comes to how you recreate your patio area.  Concrete can be poured in many different sizes, shapes and patterns.  You can choose to add a textured border to really give it that unique touch.  Our experienced crew is more than happy to guide you in your quest to transform your patio areas around your home.  A refreshed patio can turn a dull patio into a beautiful backyard sanctuary.


You can create a look and feel completely to your tastes.  There are endless unique designs and styles you can choose.  Concrete, in general, is extremely durable with low time required for maintenance.  While they can be installed fairly easily, you should always let a professional contractor handle the project for you.  Most importantly, you can have a stamped concrete patio at an extremely affordable price.  This is because of the way that concrete is installed and manipulated.

Bottom line, it is all about spending more of your time with your neighbors and having amazing professionally-designed patio will make for an inviting place to get together.  Making memories is really what it is all about.

Whether it is a textured pool deck, a concrete patio and specialty stamping around your grilling area, the pros at Capital Land Companies are here to assist you with all your concrete needs.

Give your driveway a face lift with a unique concrete design today!   Reach out to us with all your questions and schedule your no-obligation assessment today

Have Confidence in Your Clifton Park Stamped Concrete Professionals

Our concrete artisans are experts, always working to deliver a high quality decorative solution at an affordable price.

Stamped Concrete Walkways

Concrete walkways and sidewalks are a fabulous way to increase the value of your family home while providing luxurious walk from your driveway all the way up to your front steps.  Although it is popular to have standard gray concrete as the most popular flooring surface option for walkways, patios or other areas, by introducing texture and different patterns, you can, at a fair price dress up your walkways and make your whole home look and feel more luxurious and high end…not to mention the talk of the town! 

You have so many options when it comes to patterns, decorative ideas and textures.  We like working with you to figure out what will be the best way to go based on your project budget.

Stamping your walkways is popular trend in outdoor landscape design!  Reach out to us with all your questions and schedule your no-obligation assessment today!

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Concrete Staining

Capital Land Companies offers a commercial-grade concrete staining solution to local homeowners.  It delivers a really amazing look from an aesthetic standpoint.  We will bring your concrete floors or driveway into a breathtaking work of art!  Contact us to to educate yourself about staining options on what will look ideal at your home.   

If you choose to use a stain on pre-polished concrete, your floor will have a marble or rock feel to it.  What is great is that you can do this on a small percentage of what actual marble costs.  It is the best way to get high quality concrete that looks like marble. What is interesting is that stained concrete can come in a variety of colors and tones to accomplish and look you wish. 

Save your money and reach out to the professionals at Capital Land Companies and get your no-obligation assessment today. 


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About Our Clifton Park Stamped Concrete Company

Established more than 10 years ago, Capital Land Companies is widely regarded as one of the best stamped concrete contractors in New York.  We mainly install concrete projects in Clifton Park, and the surrounding areas. With hundreds of residential projects in our repertoire, we know how to maximize your investment, while designing for aesthetics, function and design.

We are committed daily to exceed your expectations for your home project. 


The process of choosing which contractor should be hassle-free, so we make an effort to make it fun, while educating you about the gains of going with a stamped concrete solution.

Upfront pricing is an essential element in any relationship with your home service business.  A reputable contractor will provide a complimentary proposal to ensure confidence.

Finally, it is essential that the contractor you partner with, has the proper insurance coverage.  You don’t want a contractor working on your home that doesn’t have insurance.  Capital Land Companies is proud of our high quality workmanship, our professional team members and our extensive list of satisfied customers.

We’ll guide you through it all.  You can be confident our skills and capabilities.  Call us to discuss your next exterior home project!

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Always select those that are #1 at what they do. At Capital Land Companies we will always have you covered!


We will come to you, with no obligation, and evaluate property to see what design and product is perfect for you.


Our professional design team will install your concrete project to your satisfaction and leave your home in the same condition it was found in.


We implement a precise process that we know will ensure a quality installation that will endure the elements for many years


Never have concern for your the quality of your project, our crew will ensure you have guaranteed maintenance and support, so you’ll always have peace of mind 

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Why Capital Land Companies?


Bringing Life To Your Home's Concrete...

We proudly focus in exterior decorative concrete applications for walkways and pathways around your house, pool decks or decking areas around your pool, driveways and patios.

If you are seeking out a high quality contractor in Clifton Park, then know that with Capital Land Companies, you have found the best in the region.  Perhaps, you want to freshen up the look and feel of the exterior of your Clifton Park home?   

We pride ourselves on our attention to the details and always clearly communicating to our clients.  Whether you need your driveway stamped, a front or rear patio or an area around your pool, we are your professional contractor to get the project done right the first time.

Our best work is centered around in stamped concrete and concrete staining.  We work in Clifton Park area as well as the surrounding region.  Our knowledgeable team are insured, licensed and certified to always be of assistance to you.  We have many years experience working with concrete and crafting beautiful concrete textures and patterns.  It is always our mission to take dull concrete and transform it into an exquisite concrete creation.
We know there are many of excellent building materials available.  You could select from brick pavers, slate, stone, brick or, our favorite, concrete.  You should be in the know about the great qualities about it.   It can look and feel as high quality as any other building material but has durability and longevity of regular concrete.  There are a multitude of things you can do with concrete and we are thrilled to show them to you!

We know the value of concrete and its many applications. Many people say that it is more cost effective when compared to competing building materials.  

Be mindful to choose a well-respected Clifton Park concrete contractor like Capital Land Companies.  If you are thinking about the idea of having a project at your home, feel free to contact us and we can have a chat about your goals and dreams that will transform your outdoor living space into a sanctuary!

Have Confidence in Your Clifton Park Stamped Concrete Professionals

Our concrete artisans are experts, always working to deliver a high quality decorative solution at an affordable price.

Our Service Area

We are honored to service Clifton Park as well as all the surrounding region within a 35 mile radius.   Our high quality team will come onsite to you promptly and furnish a detailed estimate

Reach out to us today to get a free for your home or place of business.  We also service the following cities: Newtown, Elnora, Crescent, Halfmoon, Country Knolls, Jonesville, Mechanicville, Lake Ridge, Round Lake, Reynolds


We are a seasoned, professional stamped concrete company specializing in residential hardscape projects. Contact us to schedule a free onsite estimate and let us help you craft a concrete project that will transform your yard into an outdoor living sanctuary!


Our mission is to always provide first class concrete solutions and exceed our customers expectations.  You will always find us to be honest and conduct ourselves with integrity at every turn! Your satisfaction is our first priority.


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